How do I get a Passport?

You can find a passport at the Nature Centers at Highbanks, Blendon Woods Battelle Darby Creek, Blacklick Woods, or at Metro Parks Headquarters located at 1069 W. Main St in Westerville.

Who can stamp my Passport?
Passports can be stamped by any staff member.  There will also be a stamp located in each nature center and ranger station.

I visited all the parks! Now what??
Send your passport to...

Friends of Metro Parks
1069 W. Main st
Westerville, OH 43081

Or drop it off at a nature center during open hours: Nature Center Hours

Don't forget to let us know your T-shirt size!


Passport to Metro Parks

Got photos? share your Adventures! Tag @Metroparkfriend on Instagram and use


The Passport to Metro Parks program is your chance to explore the parks! 

Here's everything you need to know!

How long do I have to complete my Passport?
You can take your time! Don't worry... we aren't going anywhere.

When do I get my T-shirt?
Shirts will be sent out to nature centers after completed passports are turned in. They can be picked up there, or at Metro Parks HQ.

I Can’t find a Ranger!

Just make a note, take some pictures, and the next time you see a ranger, they can mark the location off for you.

I have more questions!!
That's okay! Email Melissa at mameyer@metroparks.net and she will take care of whatever questions you have!