Winter Hike Story: Kristin Marks


The gray and dull skies of January and February in Ohio were hardly felt when the Metro Parks winter hikes began. Bundling up, putting on two pair of socks, and waiting in line for soup to warm the bones was something to look forward to each weekend. This year was especially eventful with hikes during snow, rain, and ice. There were even warm days where a coat was not needed!

The Columbus community gathered to celebrate fitness and nature - many with their dogs, and babies begin pulled in sleds or in backpacks. Each person has their favorite park, whether it be because of location, wildlife, or the trails themselves. The Sharon Woods hike was just beautiful this year. Snow started falling shortly after the start time, creating a magical winter wonderland for hikers of all ages.


Not all hikers were able to make the weekend dates, like me and my trail buddy. We are determined to get a walking stick, though, and will be making up the parks we missed during March. We will be chasing down the rangers for our hole punches!

If you have not attended a hike during the Metro Parks Winter Hike Series, make 2020 your year. Seriously, get out in the fresh air even if it is cold and snowy. This is your reason to be outside during the cold months, besides shoveling the driveway. Fresh air and physical activity is vital to health: both emotional and physical. Plus, it is a great activity to get family and friends together.